In accordance with the current recommendations from the Queensland Health Department, a plan to ensure all participants and leaders are able to remain safe and healthy whilst participating in exciting activities.

Image by United Nations COVID-19 Respons


  1. Regular hand washing will occur throughout the day to maintain personal hygiene and wellbeing of all patrons

  2. Hand wash will be provided within the amenities for children and staff members to use after using the bathroom

  3. All children and staff members are required to wash their hands before and after eating at mealtimes

  4. All children and staff members are required to wash their hands before transitioning to the next activity

For example: Children indoors constructing with LEGO must wash their hands before moving onto another activity (indoor/outdoor)

  1. All children and staff members will wash their hands after using public play equipment available within the park.

  2. A staff member will bring sanitizer with them when using the play equipment across the road


  1. All surfaces will be cleaned and sanitised with disinfectant wipes each afternoon

  2. The amenities block will be cleaned and sanitised using disinfectant products each afternoon

  • Floors will be swept and mopped

  • Basins will be wiped down

  • Toilets will be cleaned

  1. General waste bins will be located throughout the building and contents of these bins will be discarded at the end of each day

  2. Floor spaces will be swept and mopped as required at the end of each day.

Washing Hands


  1. Social Distancing notices will be posted throughout the venue

  2. Physical distancing of 1.5 metres will be practiced as much as possible

  3. Windows will be opened during the day to allow air flow (weather permitting)


  1. Food sharing is prohibited

  2. Water bottle sharing is prohibited. All children are required to bring their own refillable water bottle. Tap water is available for refilling purposes.

  3. Where possible personal sunscreen is recommended to limit sharing, however sunscreen will be provided to children in the case that they do not have their own.