The long Summer School Holiday is a welcomed break from the term-time stresses. 
It is also a brilliant opportunity to build confidence for the academic year ahead.
Parents are also desperate to find beneficial ways to keep the kids engaged.
Queen Bee will look after your at-home engagement needs and set up students 
with one of our brilliant tutors who are ready to help throughout the long break.



We have so many exciting and amazing activity kits and online learning experiences to offer you over the holidays. If you live away from Toowoomba but would still LOVE your child to be engaging in interesting activities throughout December/January we have an option for you! If your child will be at home for part of the holidays, but you are not interested in them spending the whole time on a device... we have something for you!

If your child loves chess, we have online chess tournaments! If your child loves fun and messy science experiments, we have a science kit with accompanying online website and step-by-step instructions. If your child loves binary and all things coding, we have an online course for you! If your child would enjoy working with Scratch and a Makey Makey kit we have a week of interesting and engaging activities, with an accompanying website, for you! If your child is great with logic puzzles and code-breaker activities, we have an online Escape Room experience for you! This option is so flexible, it can be arranged for whichever week of the holidays you need.


Math Formulas

If your child(ren) are heading into Year 10, 11 or 12 in 2021, we would love the opportunity to continue to support them over the school holidays. This option can be as flexible as you need to work in with your family's Christmas celebrations and events. This service is NEW and created due to a need for students completing maths in High School, to be provided with support to ensure they are ready and prepared for Term 1.

Options include a twice weekly, 1-hour online session for the month of January to prepare them to start the school year ready and equipped with maths content knowledge and skills. Alternatively, we can offer a weekly session over the December/January break to ensure your child's maths skills and techniques are current. This will be tailored to your child's individual needs and is a great way to fill any gaps before the 2021 school year.


Teacher Helping Student

We would like to offer an opportunity for your child(ren) to engage in interesting lessons and activities, to help equip them for their next year of schooling. There can be many reasons why students have not been able to understand content, remember content or feel confident in themselves to complete certain aspects of the Australian Curriculum. We provide individual, tailored and customised tutoring sessions for our families. We would like to offer this during the December and January school break.

We acknowledge this can often be a busy time for families and so the tutoring arrangement can be flexible. It is an option for your child to receive 1 weekly session for 4 weeks (4 total), 1 weekly session for 6 weeks (6 total) or 1 weekly session for 8 weeks (8 total). It is also possible to arrange a twice-weekly arrangement for 2 weeks (4 total) in the January period to help your student be ready to learn at the start of the 2021 school year. Please contact us, so that we may arrange the best tutor to suit your child's needs and ensure that we can find a convenient time and location. This is also an excellent option if you would like to extend your child in a particular area of interest for them. For example, if they have shown an aptitude or expressed great interest in the area of Digital Technologies, we can facilitate a tutoring program that engages them in interesting projects that meet the Australian Curriculum content descriptors.