Our journey began all the way back in January, 2017, with a modest 'Tennis and Chess Camp'. Since then, we have grown to be E.P.I.K. and today we offer Engaging Program that Inspire Kids each and every school holiday break. 


We believe that our leaders determine the success of each program. That is why we find the most amazing qualified teachers and coaches to make every day special for all the participants. Our experienced leaders want to make each child feel valued and they know how to share their area of expertise with passion and purpose.

The Director of E.P.I.K. is Edward (Ted) Carter. Ted is a qualified teacher who is passionate about creating opportunities that spark success for students. 

Ted founded Ascend Learning in 2017 with the aim to offer private tuition services during the school weeks and an exciting activity based school holiday program at the end of each term. The holiday programs grew with the diversity of activities offered and last year the name E.P.I.K. was adopted to convey how exciting and multi-skilled each of our holiday programs truely are.

E.P.I.K. is a very unique school holiday experience that gives participants autonomy to choose their activities and determine how they may be engaged in worthwhile and beneficial activities. We continue to find new and exciting options for participants to ensure they go home each day with stories of how AWESOME their time with us was. 

We recognise that each child is different and their interests may change from one day to the next. As we design each program, we give consideration to the varying needs of students. 

For these reasons and more, E.P.I.K. continues to grow and is becoming the #1 choice for families who would rather have excited children who genuinely want to be an E.P.I.K. Kid during the holidays.  

Ted is capably supported by a team of qualified coaches, teachers and skilled group leaders who have the best interests of the participants at heart. Mr Beutel will utilise his 20+ years of coaching experiences to provide tennis sessions that are incredibly fun and suitable for all skill levels. Mr Butler will inspire and up-skill students to be Kings and Queens of the chess board. Mr Carter will engage and amaze participants with coding and science activities.